21 January 2010
The project has been discontinued and the original commentback.org domain is no more associated to it.
For more information contact me at m@micz.it.

Who am I and why this site?

I'm Mic, the co-founder of an italian news social web site called ZicZac.
In our experience, we see that if a blog post hits our homepage, it can receive a lot of visits, but we cannot say the same about comments.
Why? Because everyone writes comments on our site instead of the original blog.
Our publisher-users are complaining about that. They are happy to receive the traffic from our site, but their posts will not receive too much comments.

Therefore we came out with an idea.

What about a TrackBack/PingBack-like protocol used to send comments posted on our site directly to the original blog?
It will do the trick.

So the idea to create this site.

A protocol like the one we need will work if adopted widely and not only by us on ZicZac.

The project has been discontinued.
If you need more information, contact me at m@micz.it.

If you're interested and want to contribute in any way to this idea, read here how to help!

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